Your best choiceHotel Vila Lili

Our small hotel is located in a residential quarter near
the sea and other hotels. Naši su kapaciteti 17 soba i tri
hotelska apartmana. The rooms are all different, they
reflect the charm of your host.


Richness of tastesA breakfast to remember

Every day different breakfast will be offered until the late morning!
Fillet of anchovies and sardines with top quality virgin olive oil,
bread and cheese with olives…We will pamper you with marmalades
and jams prepared in our own kitchens…

Daily barIstrian wines
Rich selection of top quality
Istrian wines
<span class="ornament wide"><span class="dashes">Daily bar</span></span>Istrian wines
Wishes come trueWe are here for you!
We are here to make your holiday as carefree as possible.
Pets are welcome!
<span class="ornament narrow"><span class="dashes">Wishes come true</span></span>We are here for you!
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